About The Ministry
Doulos (doo' - los): From the Greek, one who gives himself up to another's will; one whose service is used by Christ in extending and advancing his cause among men. Devoted to another, disregarding one's own interests. A servant, attendant.

At the Doulos Center in Branson, we seek daily to BE the definition of the word: servants, advancing the cause of Christ in our community. That service includes providing a meeting place, helping couples start their lives together with Christ at the center of their relationship, bringing special events to the community that will open eyes and ears, and touch hearts, and even providing housing to unsheltered pregnant women. It's service that truly encourages life and empowers families!

Resources, including money, time, talent and prayer are all needed to help us advance this ministry. To volunteer your time, suggest a ministry or just ask questions, email us today!


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The Doulos Center  282 Doulos Road, Branson, Missouri  65616 417/544-4492 thedouloscenter@gmail.com

The Doulos Center is tobacco and alcohol free.