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The Neighborhood Chapel
@ Kanakuk Kamps

The intimacy and charm of this quaint, cozy church was perfect. It was just as the bride had dreamed when she was a girl. Now, as the stone path leads toward her destiny, she hears the trees rustle, the birds sing and the sounds echo as she savors this memorable walk with loved ones. This wedding chapel nestled in the Ozark mountains just feels like home. Its rustic exterior and picturesque stained glass tell the story of the Groom, the bride's first love. The moment has arrived. The angels, hand-carved in the chapel's oak doors, bless another hopeful bride's entry. Inside the chapel a host of witnesses await her pure and simple beauty. As the doors pull open, the wedding march begins and silently her heart embraces the groom standing at the foot of the Cross. Warm lights twinkle in her eyes as she steps forward, each step a memory. From the beautifully adorned wooden pews to the sweet sounds of the baby grand, she soaks it all in, until finally she joins hands with her groom. This is where she wanted it all to begin.

To contact the event coordinator for information on policies and fees for The Neighborhood Chapel, please call 417-544-4492, ext. 200, or email us.
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The Doulos Center is tobacco and alcohol free.